Developed in 2009, this new middle school prototype for the Clark County School District embodies a “best practices” approach to the design and organization of the middle years educational environment.

The 187,000 square foot school is designed to accommodate 1750 students in grades 6 through 8, with each grade level housed in a grade level Learning Center. Each learning Center consists of an administrative office and three education teams comprised of four general classrooms, science and resource classrooms. The Learning Center organization is developed to support either small learning community functions or to operations as a grade level comprehensive school.

Additional shared programmatic spaces include central administration area, library, student activity center, physical education center, central courtyard, performing arts center, presentation center, and technology and visual art classrooms. These shared areas can be accessed after hours to foster community outreach and neighborhood relationships.

The new middle school meets LEED for Schools and CHPS design criteria with an emphasis on efficient energy use, natural lighting, indoor air quality, and acoustics.