This project is located to the west of Nanbei Avenue in Pi County, next to the city entrance of Chengguan freeway, surrounded by the administrative center, a five-star hotel, high-end residential areas, municipal parks and squares.

This project aims at becoming ‘The top low carbon organic intelligent building complex’ in west Chengdu and the leading center of commerce, recreation and culture in Pi County or even in the west of Chengdu.

The layout is designed based on history of thousands of years. It creates the primary trading area through the combination of traditional commerce and modern commerce based on the existing beautiful landscape of Chuangzhi Park. It is an ecological trading area including business, shopping, dining and entertainment, finance and business, tourism, commercial and administrative center. According to the plan, the layout has the pattern of three points and one line.

Three points are the 100-meter-high tower building, 150-meter-high tower building and the entrance of this project. One line is the green axis goes through three points.