Tate Snyder Kimsey’s master plan for this campus consists of mixed use educational facilities served by various businesses including retail stores, offices, clinics, convention facilities, restaurants and much more. Once the campus is fully realized, it will be a vibrant activity center where students can both learn and gain work experience while creating a destination for the surrounding community.

The central concept for developing the site is to create a “Main Street” atmosphere conducive to pedestrian traffic and interaction.

The first phase building at three stories encompassing approximately 75,000 square feet, is intended to function as a mixed use structure capable of housing a variety of functions,. Future buildings will be very similar in design but may extend to five stories.  The first floor will be primarily devoted to retail activities. However, since this is the campus’s initial building, a large portion will be set aside for student services. The second floor is designed to house the building’s educational facilities including both classrooms and administrative space. The third floor is currently aimed toward offices and other business class activities.