This project began in 2004 with a study to identify the City’s need for law enforcement facilities through 2015. It was determined that expanding service areas and explosive population growth have created a demand for community police stations in all divisions. To meet this need, new stations are planned throughout the city, beginning with this 35,600-square-foot building.

The facility includes training and briefing rooms, offices for the captain, lieutenants, sergeants, and detectives, report writing areas for patrol officers, evidence handling and storage areas, lockers, a fitness room, and an armory. To help create a positive presence in the neighborhood, the design for the new police station projects an image of stability and openness. Rectangular massing is used to symbolize the strength of the department, while warm colors, textured materials and protective overhangs are intended to welcome the public into the facility.

Achieving LEED Gold certification, the new community police station is energy efficient and utilizes alternative energy sources, including a 30 kW photovoltaic array that will be installed on top of carports in the employee vehicle parking lot. Clerestory and transom windows with large overhangs and southern orientation are utilized to bring daylight deep into the building, minimizing the need for electric lighting and maintaining the occupants’ connection to the environment around them. Skylights are utilized to augment the day lighting of interior spaces. The high window arrangement also minimizes exposure for vandals and maintains privacy for the occupants.