The new Henderson Space and Science Center will be a place where people get to make things and make things happen. Designed to be an interactive place of wonder, excitement, and the hands on exploration of science, mathematics, and technology, this 87,892 square foot facility will feature a mix of both permanent and traveling exhibits, multi-purpose educational and event spaces, a dining venue, and an outdoor exhibit courtyard.

The form of the building is striking yet approachable. A seemingly floating roof plane reaches out towards the parking lot creating a visual pull while shading the visitor approach. The interplay of building masses and elements creates depth.  The juxtaposition of solidity and transparency in materials builds anticipation and piques curiosity by offering visitors glimpses of the exhibits within.

A 75 foot tall LED sign tower located on the southwest corner of the site will anchor the new Henderson Space & Science center within the Union Village development and act as a beacon and visual icon for the City of Henderson and Southern Nevada communities.