Higher Education

TSK has been planning and designing facilities for colleges and universities for over three decades.  We have designed over 250 college and university projects for more than 25 public and private institutions.  Our projects include dining halls, student life buildings, administration buildings, learning resource centers, business and technology centers, athletic complexes, classrooms, laboratories, maintenance and campus wide improvements, as well as performing arts, fine arts, and various other higher education facilities.  

We understand the issues and challenges facing publicly-funded institutions working to meet the needs of their communities, and we approach each new project with a unique perspective on addressing these concerns. We strive for consensus by incorporating information from academics, administrators, and students, as well as community members.  This allows us to make more informed design decisions that in turn provide better design solutions to our clients.  It also builds a process for working together in a positive team spirit to identify issues, approach, process, schedule, and ultimately, to successfully complete the project.  

We approach projects with knowledge acquired through the design of similar facilities, while remaining open to the unique vision of each client.