Justice + Public Safety

Similar to the architecture of public buildings, judicial facilities have the responsibility to visually and emotionally represent the values of our republic. Specifically, these buildings must incorporate a welcoming design with an openness that reinforces the tenets of justice in our society. They must demonstrate the permanence and highest democratic ideals of our nation without sacrificing the secure and functional nature of its purpose. Through an integrated design process with our design consultants, we are able to achieve a higher level of efficiency that stresses clarity and purpose in our design.

Great architecture should exhibit a richness of detail that is honest and expressive of its construction. The smallest detail of any building can be just as important to the design as a larger and more apparent design language. The integration of detail to whole is fundamental to our core design beliefs. It is an enrichment of the architectural fabric out of its construction, as opposed to applied decoration, and it supports the closer scrutiny of a building by enhancing the public perception of worth. Our buildings are built to endure and to tread lightly on the environment—buildings that are intrinsically beautiful and purposeful will be maintained and well preserved, which is the ultimate testament to sustainability.