This project is located in the area of Shilu (Stone Road), to the west of Aiheqiao Road, to the north of Jingde Road and to the east of Guangji South Road. The total land area is about 220,000 square meters.

Function and layout:

  • The main office building is 180-meter-high with 55,000 square meters of gross building area, which becomes a landmark building.
  • Three lines of apartments are built in the south area of this site, form independent residential clusters.
  • There are two single commercial buildings apart on north and south. The green open space between two buildings is used as an independent entrance of residential clusters. Besides, the whole underground parking area is well planned and designed.

The advantages of this plan:

  • The distance between buildings is suitable without crowding.
  • The function and layout are clear, offices, apartments and shopping malls are well planned, which makes it easier to plan circulation.
  • The underground parking area can meet the parking demand of 1400 cars.