Port of Long Beach, Pier G

Collectively, the Los Angeles and Long Beach Ports are 3rd largest of the ports in the world. The 300+ acre Pier G is the largest port in Long Beach and the home of “K” Line shipping. The Pier has undergone a vast reconstruction, filling in four container ship berths and merging two terminals into a single “mega” terminal. The terminal is designed as an integrated automated shipping container for computer controlled container management.

This new complex required new construction of all the facilities. TSKC developed all the architecture on the site; A 46,000 square foot administration building and a 30,000 square foot operations building containing terminal operations, administration and union facilities. An 81,221 square foot maintenance and repair building and 17,500 square foot reefer wash building for servicing the vehicles on the property. Also, a 10,000 square foot arrival building for assisting truck drivers. Strategically designed to meet the high volume of the port, views, infrastructure, and program play a major role. In addition all of the buildings will feature several environmental points to attain LEED certification.