Working in conjunction with Shenzhen-based Huayi Design Group, our design celebrates the rising city and its flourishing economy.  Symbolic of this progress, the formal language of the towers evoke a sense of movement and rhythm.  The pair of “dancing” towers reflects the spirit of progression towards a promising city of the future.

Standing approximately 250m tall, the two towers are connected by a large podium base, which allows the profile of the towers to read as a continuous ribbon connecting the horizontal with the vertical.  The project’s total floor area of 303,900m2 is allotted to three main programmatic functions:

  • 3,000m2 for Retail Functions
  • 48,000m2 for a 5 star Hotel
  • 252,900m2 for Office Space

The location of the project site is located near multiple public transportation hubs and sits above three levels of underground parking allowing for easy access to all means of transportation.  From the pedestrian access at the North-West corner of the site, public traffic is brought up to the 9.3m level to an open courtyard surrounded by shops and restaurants allowing for an ideal location for social interaction.  This level connects to the South and East sites through a green corridor focused to allow the transferring of public traffic to the numerous surrounding functions.  The green roof located above the noise and activity of the public level is the ideal quiet destination for the office and hotel users.  Through a series of landscaped plazas, the visitors and employees are surrounded by food and retail kiosks that help enhance the engagement of conversation and social interaction.