The design process for this mixed-use complex included the development of three distinct master plan concepts. The selected design, the pearl concept, was inspired by the project’s location within the beautiful coastal city of Beihai, China and features a series of courtyards, that like a string of pearls, link the entire group of buildings together.

This concept consists of residential buildings connected by sky bridges. The bridges serve not only as a pathway between buildings, but also as community spaces where people meet their neighbors and engage in various activities. The bridges also help frame the space of the street and enrich the experience of the space.

Referencing the ebb and flow ocean at Beihai’s renowned beaches, this design utilizes the metaphor of waves. In the plan, the buildings extend in the east and west direction like a wave. The organization of the buildings on site allows much of the façade to face to the north and south which reduces energy consumption.

From the sketch we can see the series of circles connecting the courtyards resembling a chain of pearls. The form is manipulated by cutting and shifting to enrich the interests of space.

The shopping experience on the retail street is full of excitement with paths that wind in a zigzag form along with elevated walkways with views to the shopping district below.

China Steel Construction Headquarters
Working in partnership with CNADRI, TSK submitted the winning design for this 36-story, 500,000 square foot office building and museum for China Steel Structure Construction, the largest contractor in China.