The Las Vegas Springs Preserve is a 180-acre cultural attraction developed to commemorate Las Vegas’ dynamic heritage and to provide a vision for a sustainable future. The primary challenge was to convey the cultural heritage of the site by means of exhibits and interpretive media. The Ori•Gen Experience is a 53,000-square-foot exhibit building featuring three galleries and a theater clustered around a rotunda element. The 24,500-square-foot Guest Services Building houses a gift shop on the first level and a second-level café with a balcony that provides views of the site. These facilities were designed in partnership with Jones Studio.

The Springs Preserve is an interactive environment that highlights the heritage of the springs – a source of water for Native Americans living here thousands of years ago. The project is organized along a “creek path,” the Ravine Walk, which links the site amenities. The design causes the visitor to engage an immersing desert ravine that is formed by the opposing walls of buildings. Receded in landscape, the buildings are oriented to afford seek-and-discover experiences that solidify a lasting impression. The primary challenge was to convey the cultural story of the site by means of exhibits and interpretive features. This was accomplished by melding buildings and site into a singular expression. Walls blend with the existing and created land forms while commanding a subtle visual presence in the ground plane. These land forms interact with the shaded exterior gathering spaces to generate soothing oases.

The Visitor Center received LEED Platinum Certification, and features sustainable, regional, durable, recyclable, and low-maintenance materials, including weathered steel, energy efficient glass, recycled composite plastic and wood products, and drought tolerant landscaping.