The first LEED Certified building in the state of Nevada, the corporate offices of Tate Snyder Kimsey Architect was first completed in 1994 and expanded in 1997. The development of the Design Studio coincided with the maturation of the firm’s ideas about desert design and serves as a tangible example of the firm’s design philosophy exploring materials and the craft of building.

The building unifies interior space with the surrounding landscape, uses passive solutions to mitigate the extreme temperatures of the Mojave Desert, incorporates natural light, and uses building components that are sympathetic to the natural terrain of the site. The form of the building is influenced by the sloped site as well as the optimal orientation for day lighting. The studio features a two-story glass facade that incorporates vertical elements that are treated with a matte finish to minimize glare, while horizontal surfaces are reflective to direct ambient light deep into the space. Consequently, no artificial light is required during the day.

The materiality of the building was greatly affected by the local climate. High-performance insulation acts as a thermal buffer between the scorching desert sun and the buildings interior shapes while a lightweight building envelope helps to shed heat more rapidly during the brief summer cool downs. In addition, the roof and western facade were clad with galvanized metal which reflects the sun’s rays to further reduce the amount of heat gain on the surfaces subjected to prolonged solar exposure.

1998 NAIOP Spotlight Award
1997 AIA Nevada Honor Award
1996 AIA Las Vegas Award of Recognition