This project is located in the Pearl Lake (Mingzhuhu) Park in Chongming County of Shanghai. It is to the west of the Pearl Lake (Mingzhuhu). Therefore, the natural environment of this project is pleasant and pantoscopic with high rate of plant coverage. The total land area is 16,358 square meters. The architectural complex is two-story and 11.8-meter-high with 5,721.81 square meters of gross building areas.

The main building of the architectural complex is fan-shaped, which maximize the view of the building. Three annex buildings are built in step-like shape that broadens the viewing surface, creates relatively independent spaces, and makes the building closer to the water surface.

The entrance plaza in the west is enlarged to better strengthen the relationship between walk and landscape. The parking area is to the north of the architectural complex, separated by green areas that make the environment quieter.

The shape of the architectural complex suits the shape of this site. As a result, the smooth and dynamic buildings use the building techniques of malposition and lap joint to avoid heaviness of big massing and ensure that all sides have good forms and visual corridors.

In terms of façade, this design combines traditional Chinese style that is the closest to the nature with modern elements. Thus, buildings are integrated into the natural environment with vibrancy.