This 175,000 square-foot infill project in Downtown Henderson serves as the District’s largest redevelopment project on the historic corridor in over 20 years.  The project incorporates a mixed-use program supporting a range of retail opportunities along the street corner frontage and provides for a variety of residential views of both the downtown corridor and famous Las Vegas Strip. 

In response to a target market consisting of young professionals and aspiring urbanites, the site selection benefits from nearby shopping and dining venues as well as direct access to the rapid transit system with a primary stop in front of the building.

Protected outdoor living spaces will create opportunities for both residents and guests to enjoy the diverse amenities commonplace to urban lifestyles. Of special consideration is the mix of open green spaces, including the first downtown dog park, that are designed at an appropriate scale to promote use and enjoyment of the outdoors.  The development has a dynamic potential to transform the current character of the district and will serve as a first-step to redefining urban living in southern Nevada.