The new addition to the Academy of Arts, Careers, and Technology [AACT] is a two level building that provides multidisciplinary academic and occupational development space for the physical education, agriculture and horticulture, hospitality, pre-engineering, and financial and banking programs. The intermixing of technical academies with core classes and science laboratories promotes collaboration, sharing of resources and facilities, and the integration of academic coursework with career-based learning. The resulting setting is a flexible, dynamic, functional, and collaborative space dedicated to achievement.

The design of the new 46,000 square foot addition reflects the progressive philosophy of the AACT. The prominent main entrance links the AACT with the Truckee Meadows Community College across the street. Exterior materials articulate the different programmatic functions within the space. The interior
space layout provides independent and functional spaces for each academy, while promoting interest, connectivity, and collaboration among disciplines.

The new addition also includes several sustainable features. The building is oriented on the site to maximize sun exposure from the south, which provides natural daylighting to most of the classroom spaces. Solar shading structures are employed on the south façade to reduce heat gain and glare, and to harvest solar energy. Metering systems will be viewable so that the building itself becomes a learning tool.