This project is located in Honggutan District of Nanchang, Jiangxi Province. It is to the west of Gan River, to the north of Bayi great bridge and echoes the famous place of interest Tengwang Pavilion. This design is well organized and makes full use of the water view of Gan River.

Zhonghang International Plaza is a building complex including a four-star hotel and a Grade A office building with a 148.3-meter-high tower building and a five-story podium. The tower building contains guest rooms and offices.

On the other hand, the podium is used as the ancillary building and the lobby and entrance of office areas. The commodious lobby and capacious gardens of the hotel make the environment more comfortable. The main concept of this design is open, flexible and well-connected.

This design fully combines characters of buildings with corporate image. In consideration of particularity of this site, art deco is the mainly style of building image. This classical style is recreated in a modern style through new functions and new materials.