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All students have the ability to learn and all spaces have the ability to teach.

The business of good design is also good for business. We seek to capture the intrinsic ideas of commerce in our buildings.

Architecture for justice must communicate our beliefs of fairness and transparency of law while providing a safe and secure environment.


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Founded in 1960, TSK Architects - formerly Tate, Snyder, Kimsey Architects,

is an international planning & design firm with offices in

Reno-Tahoe est. 1998  Henderson, NV est. 1960 | Los Angeles, CA est. 2010  |  Shanghai, China est. 2011











our mission

When it comes to the design of an architectural project, the concerns and ideas of all contributors are considered.


The people who live and work in the places we design and build will have a more intimate relationship with the buildings than we will. We measure ourselves through the ability to design projects that inspire clients and that realize their values, needs, resources and expectations.


We aspire to design projects that span decades. For our work to outlive us, we consider not only the cost of what it takes to raise a building, but also the costs it takes to maintain it. We also design to minimize the consumption of non-renewable resources, contribute positively to the environment, and design architecture that connects the inhabitant to the world around them.


We look to help reveal the beauty of the surrounding landscape, capture seasonal changes and engage the climate to create architecture that is simple and yet greater than the sum of its parts.

Our practice is grounded in the belief

that ideas embodied in a design should be progressive

and of our time and place, that site and context must play an integral role in the building development and that the smallest detail of any building can be just as important to the design as larger and more apparent design language.

- Windom Kimsey, FAIA, President & CEO

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Pat Pusich, AIA


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