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CanStruction Competition

Date: May 03, 2023

For those who don't know, CanStruction (AIA Northern Nevada) is a non-profit organization that provides canned food for the local food banks. All the cans are donated by participants of the competition that need to build a structure made of cans. The participants started the design a couple of months ago and they organized themselves to build the design in 12 hours.


This year we have partnered up with Job Corp and they chose Donnashello, the desert tortoise, the largest reptile in the State of Nevada. Due to the vast area and minimal food (especially pizza), in Nevada, he prefers cactus and flowers.

TSK Architects – Reno/Tahoe are thankful for all the effort the students put in to build the CanStruction today.

For more information, call our Marketing team at +1 702.456.3000.

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