Lissette Aragon


Lissette attended Cal Poly Pomona to study architecture with an emphasis on historical preservation. Her thesis was awarded the Milford Wayne Donaldson Award for outstanding design in historic preservation.

She interned at Osborn Architects in Glendale, California, and quickly was asked to join the team full time. At Osborn, she worked on K-12 projects.

She then worked at Architecture for Education as their in-house Revit expert. Her reputation with multitasking and attention to detail preceded her and she used her expertise to convert office standards from CAD to Revit. She also taught many of her team members’ best practices on using Revit efficiently. She continued to focus her work on K-12 projects and developing her project management skills.

She now works on higher education and K-12 projects. She has also gained experience in public building and office projects.

Bachelor of Architecture, California State Polytechnic University (2011)   

Select Experience
Southwest Juvenile Courthouse
West LA Community College Technology Learning Center
West LA Community College Watson Center
West LA Community College ATA Elevator
Valley Community College ADA
Valley Community College  Gym
University of Southern California Watt Hall Barrier Removal Project
University of Southern California DRB Interior Renovation
Santa Monica ADA
University of Southern California OHE Renovation
University of Southern California GFS Interior Renovation
Saint Anthony Church