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shenzhen bay technology park.

location. shenzhen, china

size. 2.2 million sf

date. 2018


The tropical rainforest is one of the richest ecological systems in the world, and is recognized as “the lung of earth”. The rainforest’s multi-layer environment, ranging from the root layer to the emergent layer, is home to a wide variety of plant and animal species. Each of the rainforest’s levels satisfy different species’ living requirement and supports the continuous operation of its ecological system.

We have taken our design inspiration from the rainforest as nature’s prototype for sustainable high density. Our concept of the “Urban Rainforest” is also stratified to create an inviting, 24-hour community, that appeals to diverse user groups and functions. This design strategy looks to create a pure and bountiful living environment, and will support the Shenzhen High Tech Park’s economy with low-carbon emissions and net-zero energy consumption.

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