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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Last updated: July 30 2020

We`ll be updating this page with your questions as they come in so we hope this quickly  becomes a more useful resource.





When will I receive a link to this account?

It will be some time during the week of Aug 3


Who do I contact if I have a technical problem with LinkedIn?

The first line of contact for a technical problem is Guy in this instance. Email him by clicking here and he`ll get back to you as soon as possible.

 Please don`t contact Tom!


Is participation mandatory?

It is mandatory to take part in this program.


What if I don`t have a LinkedIn account?

No problem, just click on the link marked "I don`t have a LinkedIn account"


When and where does this all happen?

Firstly, its on company time. No question about that.

Secondly, its online, so if you`ve got a broadband connection, you`re golden. We`d recommend a quiet place at home, or a meeting room. Like all learning programs, its incredibly important to minimize distractions if you want to be successful in your learning goals.


What does `directed learning` mean?

Course(s) will be assigned each month and are to be completed by the end of the assigned month


Do you have any tips for success?

Yes. When you sit down to study, try and make sure there are as few distractions around as possible. Just like every other learning program, the more focused your study time, the better the learning outcomes. Don`t try and multi-task, or multi-screen or multi anything, it just doesn`t work.


How many hours of required course will be assigned each month?

The first month will be heavier, but after August we will be assigning between 4-8 hours of required courses a month.


How long do I have to complete the required courses?

New courses will be assigned at the beginning of each month and need to be completed by the end of the same month.


Where do I put my time in ArchiOffice (timecard)?

Under Office Admin/Training


What happens if I`m unable to complete my initial 12 hrs of training?

If you`re unable to complete your initial training, don`t worry, the remaining hours will be rolled forward into next month.


You won`t be required to do any additional hours next month.