Southend on Water

2016 (PHASE 1)


Southend on Water is a phased, mixed-use, urban infill redevelopment in downtown Henderson, Nevada. The genesis for this project came from a visioning charrette held by the City of Henderson that focused on revitalizing downtown and the Water Street redevelopment area.

TSK organized and facilitated the charrette, which came up with many strong ideas for redevelopment. It was through this process that we realized that we could relocate our firm to downtown and provide a built example of the ideas we generated.

Southend on Water has become a real life demonstration of how to engage the city’s redevelopment agency and their grant process to create a project that provides creative office space, dynamic retail and housing on Water Street, the historic main street of Henderson.


The first phase is a 6,500 square-foot, two-story building that is placed at the back curb of the sidewalk and addresses the street with a massing that provides a direct connection for retail and allows pedestrians to see activity within the building.

The architecture is modern and draws inspiration from the Bauhaus. The materials are straightforward and utilize finishes common to the area.

The massing of the office/retail building is organized to give the impression of two buildings connected in order to humanize the scale better for the pedestrian environment.

It also provides flexibility to allow for future reorganization of the office and retail mix as the market demands.