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CBP McAllen RVSS Command and Control

Project Facts


Construction Complete

Completion Year



2,500 SF


McAllen, Texas


General Services Administration (GSA)

TSK provided architecture and engineering Title I and Title II services for the renovation of the existing McAllen Rio Grande Valley Sector SBI NET Room (#083) and SBI NET-RVC Equipment Room (#089) into a new RVSS, LAN-C2, and NOC/SOC facility. Additionally, a 140’ communication tower along with a one-story modular building for all associated communication equipment was designed and constructed. Renovation work to the existing spaces followed the USBP Facility Design Standard where applicable; however, given the constraints of the existing facility, certain exceptions were given in regard to room configurations, heights of ceilings and workstation configuration. A complete ergonomics study was provided as part of the complete design.

Buildings include an RVSS C2 room, LAN C2, NOC/SOC room, conference room, break area, restrooms, janitorial closet, and associated building equipment/support rooms.

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