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Wimdom Kimsey

At TSK, we believe in the American ideals of democracy, freedom and opportunity.

We aim to embody these ideals through our work in respect for the institutions and people who serve our communities. Our approach examines the intricate history, structure and purpose of our clients while also considering the broad spectrum of individuals who serve within these critical systems. Whether serving military, civilian or federal agencies, our goal is to design environments that enhance functionality, resiliency, innovation and pride.

otay-mesa-land-port-of-entry- cover.jpg

otay mesa, ca

otay mesa
land port of entry

boulder city, nv

hoover dam
visitor center
Bureau of Reclamation_cover.jpg

boulder city, nv

bureau of reclamation
date street campus
BOR admin cover.JPG

boulder city, nv

bureau of reclamation
administration building
SDO coverb.jpg

phoenix, az

sandra day o'connor circuit library
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