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At TSK, we believe in contributing to the safety, security and well-being of our communities.

We understand the systems, values and goals that shape emergency planning and response. It is also critical that we examine the needs of community members and first responders who often have a deep connection to their place of work. Our holistic approach to design creates buildings that are responsive to these systems and processes while promoting culture, trust and connection. We believe that by designing facilities that align with these goals, we can contribute a greater sense of security to the communities we serve.

Featured Projects

Clark County Fire 61 cover a1.jpg
Clark County Fire 61 cover a dark.jpg

Clark County

Fire Station #61

Las Vegas, NV

henderson police station cover a1.jpg
henderson police station cover a dark.jpg

Henderson, NV

Henderson North

Community Police Station

TMFPD Station 33 cover a1.jpg
TMFPD Station 33 cover a dark.jpg

Reno, NV

Truckee Meadows Fire

Protection District #33

Mojave County Sherrifs cover a1.jpg
Mojave County Sherrifs cover a dark.jpg

Mohave County

Sheriff's Office

Kingman, AZ

TMFPD Station 40 cover a1.jpg
TMFPD Station 40 cover a dark.jpg

Truckee Meadows Fire

Protection District #40

Reno, NV

Publications and Awards

public safety henderson.jpg


Henderson North Community Police Station

2010. AIA Nevada Citation Award
2010. LEED-NC Gold Gold Level Certification - USGBC

Public Safety Facts

OVER 60%

Over 60% of protective service jobs were in the public sector in May 2021.

-U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


Multiple police departments are located in buildings that were not supposed to be a police department, accommodate community growth, or adapt to new policing grounds. Having an agency run out of one of these facilities could contribute to inefficient workflow and unsafe situations within the building.

-International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)

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