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At TSK, we believe in creating space that promotes safety, fairness and equity for all who enter.

We understand the importance of prioritizing elements that instill a sense of confidence and trust and that reflect American ideals of justice, democracy and the greater good. In partnership with our clients, we aim to balance these ideals with security and a sense of humanity. This approach considers the experience of all users and leads to a more functional and holistic building that contributes to the betterment of society.

Featured Projects

clark county RJC Cover2a.jpg
clark county RJC Cover2 dark.jpg

Las Vegas, NV

Clark County

Regional Justice Center

southwest juvenile courts cover2a.jpg
southwest juvenile courts cover2 dark.jpg

Southwest Juvenile

Justice Center

Riverside, CA

NO_courthouse covera.jpg
NO_courthouse cover dark.jpg

New Orleans Parish Civil District

Courthouse Masterplan

New Orleans, LA

douglas county courts cover2a.jpg
douglas county courts cover 2 dark.jpg

Douglas County Courts


Minden, NV

ButteCourthouse cover2a.jpg
ButteCourthouse cover dark.jpg

North Butte County


Chico, CA

clark county family courts cover2a.jpg
clark county family courts cover2 dark.jpg

Las Vegas, NV

Clark County Family Courts

and Services Center

SDO coverb.jpg
SDO coverb dark.jpg

Sandra Day O'Connor 

Circuit Library

Phoenix, AZ

EDWARD ROYBAL Cover dark.jpg

Edward R.  Roybal Bankruptcy 

Courtrooms Modernization

Los Angeles, CA

mills b lane cover2a.jpg
mills b lane cover2 dark.jpg

Reno, NV

Mills B. Lane

Justice Center

RJC Complex Litigation Court Conversion covera.jpg
RJC Complex Litigation Court Conversion cover dark.jpg

Las Vegas, NV

RJC Complex Litigation

Court Conversion

CLV Muni Court Covera.jpg
CLV Muni Court Cover dark.jpg

City of Las Vegas Municipal 


Las Vegas, NV

New Mexico Court of Appeals covera.jpg
New Mexico Court of Appeals cover dark.jpg

New Mexico Court of Appeals Programming

Albuquerque, NM

Publications and Awards

justice rjc.jpg


Clark County Regional Justice Center

2010. National Association of State Courts Citation Award
2006. AIA Nevada Honor Award
2006. Concrete Masonry Association/AIA California Council Grand Award

2006. AIA Committee on Architecture for Justice Citation
2004. International Union of Bricklayers Craft Award
2000. AIA Nevada Citation Award
1999. AIA Las Vegas Merit Award

Justice Facts


There are more than 100 million cases filed each year in the state trial courts, while roughly 400,000 are filed in federal trial courts.

-IAALS (Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System)


Courtrooms are open to the public because in the 6th Amendment, it states, "In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial." Insuring minimization of malfeasance on the part of the justice system.

-Solano County Superior Courts (.gov)

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