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Churchill County High School Modernization

This project included the revitalization of the historic Churchill County High School in Fallon, Nevada, into a modern high school that celebrates the community’s past, while providing a foundation for future generations of students.

The city built the original beaux-arts building in 1917. It was our intention to change little with regard to the overall character of this historic structure and employ compatible design elements that enrich the building and work to unify the campus setting of the school.

At the core of the high school is the historic auditorium that following the renovation, serves as the focal point for the district’s public functions. By engaging local historians and period documents, TSK restored the original character of the space by restoring much of the existing historic fabric and through elements of color and texture. The seamless integration of the technological upgrades do not compete with the historically adapted central gathering space.

Project Facts


Construction Complete

Completion Year



53,895 sf


Fallon, Nevada


Churchill County School District

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