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City of Colton New City Services Offices and Support Building

Project Facts


Design Complete

Completion Year



64,539 sf


Colton, California


City of Colton

The City of Colton New City Services Offices and Support Building is a master planned expansion of the City’s existing 15-acre (6-hectare) community services facility. This environmentally sustainable campus will provide new offices to facilitate the City of Colton’s agency services for the public, as well as augment the City’s interactive emergency operations center with a new support capacity and planning for a new fire headquarters.


The project consists of 44,539 square feet (4,138 square meters) of new building construction and an additional 20,000 square feet (1,858 square meters) of renovation of existing buildings and structures.

The intention of this project is to establish the new campus as zero-net energy use through the integration of innovative and smart sustainable design standards that result in a target of 60 percent reduction in operational costs while responding positively to the complex environmental conditions prevalent to the region. TSK’s design involves harvesting the sun’s energy, placing solar power on the existing and new buildings and open-site parking areas, high performance building envelopes, and mitigating toxic stormwater run-off.

All new buildings will take advantage of the regional climate incorporating natural light and ventilation to provide a healthy and energy efficient work environment.

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