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CSN Culinary Classroom Building

Project Facts


Construction Complete

Completion Year



100,000 SF


North Las Vegas, Nevada


College of Southern Nevada

TSK designed the 100,000 SF classroom-building complex as the new gateway to the College of Southern Nevada Cheyenne Campus. The design accomplished this by placing a colonnade along the west facade of the building, which organizes pedestrian traffic from the main parking lot to the campus interior.

Completed in 1995, the building houses the college’s culinary arts department and a student-run restaurant, as well as an interactive computer-learning center, faculty offices, and general classroom space. In the classroom building, functions are separated by floor. The culinary arts department and the student-run restaurant are located on the ground level to facilitate deliveries and access to the public.


The computer center and faculty offices are located on the second level, visually and physically connecting via the elevated walkway to classrooms in existing buildings. View windows and clerestory windows on the second level face north to admit indirect natural lighting into spaces that house sensitive computer equipment.

The project makes extensive use of natural lighting and dramatic interior forms to create a space that encourages learning. The materials echo the surrounding landscape of the desert and mountains. The design organizes classrooms to foster interaction between students and faculty and to allow for flexibility of use.

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