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Fernley Community Center

Project Facts


Design Complete

Projected Year of Completion



65,000 sf


Fernley, Nevada


City of Fernley 

Situated along the US Highway 50 Alternate and anchored by the relocated Fernley Depot, the site for the new 8-acre Community Center Campus seeks to serve as a central gathering point for the growing community.


Following a series of community engagement meetings in which residents shared their vision for a facility that would serve the diverse needs of their city, details of the Fernley Depot Community Campus were more concretely developed.  Reflecting the spirit and character of the site, the architectural design built upon the input and consensus of these meetings. Benefiting from the east-west orientation of the developable site, the 53,040 square foot facility allows for a diverse mix of programming to occur throughout its spaces while providing an efficient level of security, ease of navigation, and straight-forward layout that can be expanded upon in the future.

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