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JM Ullom Elementary School

The JM Ullom Elementary School is an onsite replacement of the original 1962 facility that provides flexible education space and increased capacity for 850 students. 

In addition to traditional classroom and support spaces, the new design incorporates interior and exterior flexible education spaces that support group formal and informal learning. These include sheltered courtyards and open air classrooms that provide easy and direct access from adjacent functions such as the library or primary circulation spine. The sheltered courtyards provide shade and protection from hot dry breezes permitting use throughout the majority of the year. At the core of the main classroom wing is a large learning stair that can accommodate multiple classes at one time, allow for more formal presentations. Adjacent to the learning stair, classrooms feature operable walls that allow for activities to spill out into the oversized corridors and support multiclass activities.

As an onsite replacement, the design was developed to minimize impact to campus operations while maintaining a safe and fully active campus. The project included offsite and onsite improvements, construction of the new school, demolition of the existing facility and construction of new play fields.

Project Facts


Construction Complete

Completion Year



106,000 SF


Las Vegas, Nevada


Clark County School District

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