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John F. Miller School

In 2011, the Clark County School District awarded TSK, in collaboration with Core Construction, the first design-build school for the district. The new John F. Miller School replaced the existing facility that serves a special community in the Las Vegas area. As characterized by the school district, the school provides special education programming and services for students with specialized needs, ages 3–22 years.

The school’s motto is that all children can learn. It is committed to providing all children with the opportunity to reach their maximum potential while preserving their dignity and treating them with respect. The design of this school supports this mission. All students have individualized education programs that reflect their unique and specialized needs.

Each classroom allows for highly flexible layouts, providing the staff with unique opportunities to participate in a wide range of teaching environments. Classroom spaces, as well as corridors are day lit, using translucent panels and organized around courtyards that interrupt the building mass. This allows for sheltered outdoor areas for exploration and relaxation.

Distinctive to this school is a centralized health center that provides medical assistance to each student’s specific needs. This component allows for a unified experience supporting both education and well-being.

The scope of work to meet the functional requirements of the school included a new 68,875 SF building and associated site work. The building includes 22 classrooms, health center, physical education space, multipurpose room, library, administration offices and conference/training rooms and building systems support spaces. TSK designed the site to incorporate a raised bus platform at the same elevation as the school itself that allows students ease of access without the need for lifts and ramps.

Project Facts


Construction Complete

Completion Year



68,875 SF


Las Vegas, Nevada


Clark County School District

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