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Lincoln Elementary School

Providing a safe and vibrant learning environment was of primary concern for the design team. Given the ongoing challenges present in the neighborhood, a unique strategy for the building massing allowed for a series of internal activity areas that are not impacted by such external challenges. After hosting a multi-day design charrette with teachers, staff, students and community members, the team presented an overall design concept that would serve as the basis of our collective vision for the school.

Beyond providing insular classrooms and standard learning environments the design team sought to advance the character and function of otherwise neglected spaces. As such, the main circulation corridor along the northern portion of the facility was enhanced without impacting the overall area. Core functions serve as a buffer to this zone and further isolate sound transmission between the classrooms and corridor, providing a more dynamic interior that serves as both an area for circulation and breakout educational opportunities. This zone is oriented from east to west and benefits from a series of large roof monitors that provide daylighting throughout the space. Furthermore, the organization of the building program creates public and private courtyards that serve as special outdoor learning environments and community spaces. The main entry lawn serves as a community lawn in a neighborhood that lacks such informal spaces.

Project Facts


Construction Complete

Completion Year



105,922 SF


Las Vegas, Nevada


Clark County School District

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