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Las Vegas Academy Master Plan

Project Facts


Design Complete

Completion Year



600,000 SF


Las Vegas, Nevada


Clark County School District

Provide a road-map for development and renovation of the campus over a 10-year planning horizon. The master planning effort will:

- Include a master program document that aligns the Academy program with the current high school Ed Spec and expands the program to accommodate the space needs of the highly specialized majors.

- Refine the proposed campus development approach based on the master program and define a strategy and timeline target for phased development of the buildings to house the current and expanded Conservatories and their Majors.

- Delineate efforts required to renovate or re-purpose existing historic structures.

- Identify accessibility compliance issues associated with the existing historic structures.

- Verify current wet and dry utility capacities, and identify upgrades necessary to support the expanded campus.

- Identify, where feasible, locations of on-campus infrastructure pathways.

- Research and identify pathways to compliance with local zoning and planning regulations.

- Craft an LVA Campus Development Standards document for use by CCSD to maintain consistency in the future and  phased campus development.

- Provide rough order of magnitude costs of construction for each phase of development.

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