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Adam Decook.jpg

Adam Decook

Best “Dad on the Bucket - Catcher” in the valley….no way metrics to test this as fact.  I’m Gia’s catcher for her pitching lessons and practices.  For the first time this week she just hit 60 mph as shown here, then 61 mph two pitches later.

Ashley Yosko.jpg

Ashley Yosko

One of my talents is hand embroidery! I’m still learning stitching techniques, but I find it really calming to practice stitching by hand.

Carolina Dias da Silva.jpg

Carolina Dias da Silva

It’s not something that I do very often, but sometimes I paint.

Daniela Angelo.jpg

Daniela Angelo

I dance Ballet Folklorico Mexicano (traditional Mexican folk dance). I’ve been dancing and performing for about 25 years now, and I absolutely love it as it connects me to my heritage, culture, and roots. I’m the one in purple.

Erica Bish.jpg

Erica Bish

I enjoy cooking, reading and golf.  I’m also a very active swim mom with my son’s swim team.  I am one of the team parents and spend a lot of time volunteering with them. 

Jason Andoscia.jpg

Jason Andoscia

I enjoy spending time fishing with my son. We take the boat out and sometimes spend all afternoon out on the lake.

Nathan Edwards.jpg

Nathan Edwards

My talent is underwater photography. I've been scuba diving since 1987. I'm a retired SSI and PADI Open Water Dive Instructor.

Jeff Sarmiento.jpg

Jeff Sarmiento

I’m a simple man, with simple needs. Just give me meat and I’m happy. I started smoking meat a few years ago. I started with an offset smoker, which was more work than I thought. I now have an electric smoker and my favorite, a Traeger pellet wood smoker. 

Ron Simmons.jpg

Ron Simmons

I love to keep busy and be creative! Some of my hobbies are cycling, mountain biking, and cooking.

Kristina White.jpg

Kristina White

I started drawing at the beginning of the pandemic as a way to relieve stress. I got books and took online classes and drew every single day for over a year and got pretty good.

Taylor Charlton.jpg

Taylor Charlton

When I was younger my gramma used to collect Pokémon cards (she was pretty thorough about it too) and we'd gone through all her old ones, and it made me want to try collecting them like she did!

Melanie Bailey.jpg

Melanie Bailey

I love to do crafty things and work with tools, and I recently refurbished a China cabinet into a coffee bar. It was a labor of love and I’m really proud of how it turned out.

Tom Lisciandra.jpg

Tom Lisciandra

I fell in love with the coral reefs when I was in the Navy home ported in Hawaii, diving the small reefs was fun. When I got to Australia, I dove the Great Barrier Reef and was hooked.  When I got home I learned how to grow coral and bring a bit of that life with me. I currently have three systems running. I just love the care needed to keep the coral alive and enjoy interacting with the fish. I have several with dog like personalities.

Natalie Fishell.jpg

Natalie Fishell

I have a not-so-secret love for Christmas. I’m that person who starts decorating before Thanksgiving, I stretch it out as long as I can. My recent project was a large wreath, it’s almost 5 feet in diameter. The LED lights put on a show and it’s beautiful to watch at night.  

Tristan Osorio.jpg

Tristan Osorio

It’s not always often that I get to see my brother and his kids but every time I go to Colorado to see them we go hiking somewhere new! When the kids were younger, it almost always ended up with having to carry one of them all the way back to the car which was a good workout.

Hobbies and Talents

Date: Apr 20, 2023

Author: Melanie Bailey, Director of Marketing, TSK Henderson

TSK’s employees are not just talented in their professional roles, but they also have incredible hobbies and talents outside of work. From photography to cooking, gardening to painting, our team members are truly multi-talented! We are constantly amazed by the diverse range of interests and hobbies that our employees bring to the table, and we believe that it's these unique passions that make our team truly exceptional.

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