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Top Workplace

Date: Sept 21, 2022

Author: Sammy Dazzio, Communications Coordinator, TSK Henderson

Top Workplace

TSK is honored to have won a Top Workplace Award in Nevada. We pride ourselves in our work environment that remains warm and welcome to all. Our staff is what allows this company to thrive from every position. We asked our team members what makes TSK a top workplace to them and their responses are a true testimony on how we conduct ourselves and our business.

For me, TSK is a true work family. I connect with everyone in our office and feel comfortable with all of our team members. The open concept of our workspace creates a safe space for conversation and collaboration. I feel very fortunate to be with a company that takes such pride in their work and who we surround ourselves with. The commonality I see with all our team members is being open minded and friendly. There is nothing like feeling safe in your workplace to communicate your concerns, feel heard, and be recognized for hard work. Being able to pursue a career I enjoy is an award in itself, but working for a company and people I genuinely enjoy make it that much better.


Daniel Hidalgo, Architectural Designer

I moved to Henderson in 2016, and feel very lucky that my first job in town was with TSK. I liked their project portfolio, and once I started working here, I quickly realized how great the whole team was. There’s a complete open-door policy, and I’ve always felt leadership has been receptive to feedback. The team is the best! They’re great at their job, get things done, and keep a great vibe in the workplace. TSK is without a doubt, the best architecture firm to work for in town.


Hugo Garcia, Architectural Designer

The TSK atmosphere has been one of the best by far to work in.  Granted, this is the only architectural firm I have worked in, but coming from different varieties of work settings, it has become one of the most significant and pleasurable experiences thus far.  Beginning at the leadership, I can say that without a doubt I trust them wholeheartedly.  They are open, honest, and genuinely interested in the employees. They encourage us to branch out and explore to gain a better footing in this profession.  I owe it all to them that I have been able to gain a plethora of experience!  Working with my fellow colleagues feels as though I have a second family.  As I started out, I have been receiving advice from everyone on what to expect, how to overcome certain obstacles, and how to properly do tasks so that I can be more efficient in my work.  When there are group events, everyone is approachable and kind.  One can sense the welcoming environment overall from the staff and as coworkers as we all have a collective mindset to push forward and produce the best for the firm.  Overall, it has been an amazing and thankful experience that I cannot express enough. I hope to be able to provide the best work and help new interns along the way as they did for me when I first started.  I cannot see myself anywhere else!


Juana Delgado, Project Manager

TSK has been the place that offered me the opportunity to grow, surrounded by a great team of professionals who are caring, truthful, and respectful. TSK’s people made the difference for me, they have become my family in the last 6 years and I love to be part of the team.


Natalie Fishell, Accounting Manager

I’ve worked for large and small companies, and TSK is the best of both worlds. They offer benefits and incentives of a larger firm, but the culture gives me that friendly and caring sensation of a smaller firm. At TSK I don’t feel like a number, I am known by both my colleagues and superiors alike. My opinion is important to leadership. I’ve experienced the “endearing façade” from those at the top, but at TSK they take the time to converse with me about topics I feel matter. Inclusion, respect, and kindness is supremely important in the culture we have. Leadership is always looking at and implementing new ways of improving our work lives. Leadership recognizes we spend a lot of our time among one another; therefore, they encourage opportunities for our team to connect and create synergy in an effort for us to have a positive work experience. As an employee it’s very burdensome trying to find a workplace that matches one’s values. I’m grateful to find TSK matches my own.

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