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OCT Kunming Headquarters

The design starts with the functional aspects of the building and includes four major programs separately within the twin towers. The towers are displaced and tilted in order to provide maximum natural sunlight and views and enhanced with elevated green landscapes to enrich the façade experience.

The focus of the design is not only on the form but is also influenced by OCT’s corporate culture - "Quality Life Creators." The project takes inspirations from the local landscape in Yunnan and incorporates the excitement of Yunnan tourism from Dianchi and Shilin, to terraces and camellia. The design team is also infusing OCT’s philosophy of "relying on nature and being people-oriented," by integrating the interior and exterior of the buildings to create fluency and interaction. These design decisions provide a rich experience of nature for the people traveling through the building in various ways.

The transportation circulation is separated from the pedestrian travel circulation. The north side is for people and the south side is for vehicles. People can enter the building from the main hall on the first floor or through the sunken plazas located on both the east and west sides of the building. There are also entrances available through the grand stairs located at both the south and north sides of the building, which lead to the roof deck on the third floor.

The vehicle entrance takes advantage of the existing openings on the east and the west sides of the site. A two-way lane is planned on the south side of the site in order to organize the traffic. The entrance to the hotel is on the east side, the entrance to the apartments is on the west side, and the office drop-off area is located on the south side. These entrances are independent to each other. The entrance and exit of the underground garage is located in the southeast and southwest corners of the base.

Basement level 3 and 4 are for underground parking, while basement level 2 is primarily for the theatre. Commercial programs are located on basement level 1 and are connected to the underground commercial spaces of the street corner parks. Basement level 2 can be connected with the underground garage of the apartments at the south side of the building.

Above ground are the twin towers, which are connected by a three-story high lobby. The west tower is about 165 meters tall. The first three floors are for commercial use and the fourth floor is connected to the roof deck, which includes a gym and various activities. Between every other floor the space transforms into a small-scale sky garden and on the top floor is the clubhouse, which provides an area for large gatherings and events. The east tower is about 200 meters tall. The first floor is the exhibition hall and the reception hall. The second floor is the meeting center, the third floor is the restaurant for the hotel, and the fourth floor is the hotel lobby that is connected to the roof deck. The office spaces are from the sixth floor to the 21st floor, and the hotel occupies floors 23-46 providing 360-degree views.

The whole design takes the experience of people in the building as the core, with the landscape greening as the lead, and creates the artistic conception that people walk through the building like a person who travels in nature.

Project Facts


Design Complete

Design Completion Year



2.5 million sf


Kunming, China




2019. AIA Las Vegas Unbuilt Citation Award

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