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Patagonia Sugar Pine Office

Project Facts


Construction Complete

Completion Year



19,500 SF


Reno, Nevada


Patagonia, inc.

In response to a growing business, Patagonia needed additional office space for the Reno Distribution Center. In an effort to create a walkable campus, Patagonia committed to an Adaptive Reuse of an existing manufacturing building.

The repurposed building has an extended useful life of multiple generations. The materials demolished from the interior were sorted on-site, recycled, and included metals, wood, and gypsum board – all of which can be repurposed into other product.

The direction from Patagonia was to design a building that is enjoyable to work in and has a connection to the outdoors. Daylighting and outside social spaces are key to the design.

The new 158-space parking lot is provided to allow for convenient and safe parking for Patagonia staff. Accessible parking is provided as well as an accessible sidewalk to the Distribution Center. The parking lot is designed with bird-friendly light fixtures within the amber color spectrum; light standards are low height with cut-off fixtures to minimize light spillage. Lamps are on motion sensors with a timer of approximately 30 minutes to reduce energy consumption.

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