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Sierra Madre Library

Project Facts


Under Construction

Projected Year of Completion



8,300 SF (Remodel)

5,800 SF (Addition)


Sierra Madre, California


City of Sierra Madre 


Nestled in the foothills of Los Angeles County, the Sierra Madre Library was originally built in 1954 in a mid-century modern design style. In close collaboration and engagement with the Library Staff, City Staff, and Community, TSK designed a comprehensive remodel to the existing 8,300 SF library and added a 5,800 SF addition which will improve the delivery of services to the community for years to come. Located adjacent to residences, the design has taken careful consideration to the local community's goals and concerns for the project.

The remodel and addition bring a number of new community-focused spaces including meeting spaces, indoor and outdoor reading rooms, special interest zones, and community porches with wireless access and charging stations. The design was especially focused on making spaces to serve the multi-generational needs of the community of Sierra Madre from the youngest citizens to the seniors who frequent this community resource.

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