western high school.

client. clark county school district

location. las vegas, nv

size. 230,000 sf

date. 2007


When the Clark County School District began planning for a major modernization of Western High School, an outdated, undersized facility in an economically disadvantaged neighborhood, it was determined that a complete replacement was necessary in order to meet current standards. Site considerations required a phased replacement, which has allowed for year-round construction with minimal disruption to students and staff.

A new gymnasium was completed in 2002 and a theater complex was completed in 2005. A three-story classroom building with 114,000 square feet of new instructional space was completed in 2006.

This building houses core and elective classrooms as well as administrative functions. The energy-efficient building incorporates sustainable design principals such as architectural daylighting and improved indoor air quality. Programmatically the facility parallels the District’s new prototype high school. The ground level of the new building houses the main campus administration area and some shared classrooms. The second and third floors are based around the “house concept” that creates four small schools within a larger building to foster a more intimate academic environment.

Following completion of this building and demolition of original campus structures, construction began on the final phase of the campus replacement project, a two-story academic building that was completed in 2007.