We believe it is not through individual ego that great architecture is generated, but through collaboration. It is our mission to ensure that all participants and contributors to the design of a project are given clarity of voice and fairness in consideration for their concerns and ideas.

The people who live and work in the places we make will have a more intimate relationship with our buildings than we will. We measure ourselves through our ability to make buildings that are filled with spaces that inspire our clients and fit comfortably their values, needs, resources, and expectations of use.

The life of a building should be measured in decades. For our work to outlive us, we must design with this in mind, considering not only the cost of what it takes to raise a building, but the costs it takes to maintain it in good repair.

Through our actions and the buildings we make we strive to be stewards of the environment. In this, we work to minimize the consumption of nonrenewable resources, to contribute to the health of the environment, and to make architecture that connects, rather than isolates, the inhabitant to the world around them.

Our approach to architecture is modern and through our efforts, we strive to find beauty in what is common and readily available to a given site. We favor opportunities that reveal the overlooked beauty of a surrounding landscape, that capture seasonal changes, that engage the climate to produce architecture that is simple and yet much greater than the sum of its parts.